Each shoe has its own story, give your shoes a new life, and continue the story with us!

Each shoe has its own story and we hope you want to continue the story with us and give your shoe a new life! Ampersand Laces is a Swedish lifestyle brand created to enable individual expression on all types of shoes, regardless of the type of shoe you love to use, classic low shoes, sneakers, or boots. Hopefully you, like us, think that “first impression lasts”.

The people behind Ampersand Laces have dedicated their professional lives to creativity and craftsmanship. Based on this combination, an idea was born: To create a simple accessory based on one of the most classic products.

We asked ourselves how we can add style, color and individuality to shoes, to people who care about, and care about their clothing style. It turned out that the answer has been right in front of our eyes ever since we first learned to tie our shoes!

Ampersand Laces offers a wide range of shoelaces, socks and shoe soles, so be sure you will find your favorites! The colors are developed with care so that you can best “mix and match” your own combinations. All products have premium quality.

Ampersand Laces – because first impression lasts.